Fifty-Nine Days In

I can’t stop grinning this morning - and it’s more than grinning; hysterical laughing, actually, and cackling, and uncontrollable stoner giggling. I wonder what I look like to passing cars - leathered out on a Vespa, ponytail flapping, cracking up laughing.

The mellow highway turns into Main Street; a boy, about thirteen years old, hangs out of the back window of a minivan in the lane next to me. He’s smiling right at me, half his body leaning out the window, one arm raised in a strong and enthusiastic thumbs-up. It gives me a smile that lasts for blocks.

I notice that when I’m spontaneously smiling down the road, kids on the sidewalks and in cars around me smile and wave in return.


ryan luke wagner said...

i just came across your blog today, and wow, as a fellow scooterist, it is truly inspirational. reading about someone accomplishing this sort of trip, it makes anything seem possible at a max speed of around 60. your trip is something we wish we could all accomplish, and your photography is breath taking.

in response to your newest entry, it seems those of us that chose the slower ride on a scoot are a reflection of those smiling children. i can not help but notice those children that seem to smile and point either, and it puts a smirk that cant be wiped off my face too.

Hayden said...

I started out at the daily coyote, and read all of that. Wandering over here, I read from the beginning. I like your writing, your adventure, and you. Too many people forget that life is a road and an adventure, to be lived: not a waystation for marking time.

but then ... growing up 50 odd years ago... at 19 I was the first female in my town of 200,000 to have a motorcycle. Riding is amazing.

Ale- said...

it must have been your birthday recently, as i noticed you changed the "29" in "30" in your profile. am I wrong?
happy toread a new post, I just wait for new pictures: yours are amazing!


L'Insetto Scoppiettante

Heinz & Frenchie said...

I followed the link from your comment on L'Insetto Scoppiettante and feel so fortunate to have discovered your blog. I've read every entry. Love your writing and your spirit of adventure. Your photography is also superb. I ordered a calendar and bought your cook book at Amazon. When are you publishing your book? Charlie stole my heart.

Heinz & Frenchie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Check out the turkey on a Vespa on our blog. It will put a smile on your face.

Steve Williams said...

Great observation. I always wonder if motorcycles have the same effect. It has been so long since I have ridden one for any length of time but I don't recall the magic smile. Riding a Vespa has a way of producing smiles for me even after many miles. It is just a pure, happy feeling. I continue to enjoy your thoughtful posts and pictures.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Fredo said...

Hi Shreve, Thanks.

Sojourner rides said...

A friend sent me your blog address and said she thought I'd like it. I do! I'm not a scooterist but enjoy reading about two wheel traveling. I'm a female solo long distance motorcyclist who has traveled around Lake MI and Lake Superior. I love your pics! I'm sure I'll return!

Bonkers, of San Francisco said...

Beautiful blog. A work-friend sent the link to me. I plan to read every entry.

As for this entry:
It does seem that I get more smiles and thumbs up from kids, who have not yet been taught to ask "Why not a motorcycle?" or the fear of interacting with a stranger with a simple positive hand gesture. Of course, even when they do give me a thumbs-up, they can't see me smile for my full-face helmet. Perhaps the smile wrinkles around my eyes convey my expression?

Vespa GTS, blk with reflective white lightning bolts [bzow!!]

Brandi said...

A friend recommended your blog to me today. This post just made me smile