Above and Below

It is no longer the road itself which captivates, overwhelming my eyes and filling me with awe; the sky I travel under is what mesmerizes me now. I've been so taken by the characteristics of the road - the colors, changes, textures and routes, the sways and swoops; now it is the sky. The endless sky, so large here - open, dancing with clouds, open, nothing but blue. The sky, a depiction of all human expression: the darkness, purity, strength, and brightness; at times tumultuous or gentle; and, regardless of mood, always open - openness its only constant, a visual example we do our best to exist under.

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PhD-in-Progress said...

Your stories keep me sane. I'm currently working my way through graduate school, choosing the responsible side of compromise. Your blogs (this and Daily Coyote) help sustain my spirit while I'm in the office for the next 5 years. Thank you, and I'll be looking for you once I'm free to travel in body as well as as spirit.