Sunrise through the fog this morning - thick, three-dimensional fog that swooped and hovered above the road and river. My nose ran down my face from the cold but it was worth it to be out in such ethereal beauty. The road climbed in elevation and the fog lay in the grass, among the trees and calm wandering horses, softening tones and the borders of things. I rode towards Jackson in the dawn; a sign showed it was 42 degrees. Ten degrees above freezing! At 50 mph it felt beyond freezing. And there were the Tetons, pink and glowing in the sunrise, rising through the mist that lounged along the valley floor, spiking the lavender sky.


wasprider said...

I would love to discuss this trip with you via phone some day. I am planning a long ride on my GT 200 and would love the insight. I used to run the Vespa KC store.
Tom C.

It's a God Thing said...

The Tetons - I have never seen a more beautiful sight. WY (specifically Grand Teton National Park) is my absolute favorite place in the world (that I've been priviledged enough to see, that is). It is the true definition of "God's Country".

~ MD ~