Macedonia Brook Road, Connecticut


charles said...

Brilliant photo! The pure excitement of freedom and adventure during your travels. So very great! Congrats and keep up the great Blog.

Steve Williams said...

Wow, your pictures look a lot like the ones I shoot of my LX150 riding around central Pennsylvania.

Just read about your blog on the Vespaway site and am going to look at it closely. From first glance it looks fantastic!


Anonymous said...

i have this picture in my hand! when i bought my Vespa the salesman let me read your letter that his dealership received and gave me a copy of this card so i could read everything here! all i can say is...."WOW"

questionmarke said...

Wow, I love your writing! Only a handful of posts into reading your story and I feel transported back to my own Vespa journey across the country. You really capture the feeling of moments well!

Oklahoma City