What I See

Sometimes I separate myself from myself and see this girl on the road on a tiny scooter, amidst cars and trucks and 18-wheelers, states away from anything she knows, 2000 miles from where she began, and I think what the heck is this girl thinking? It really is insane. And I only get that view for a glimmer of a second here and there; otherwise, it all seems perfectly normal and not out-of-the-ordinary whatsoever.

Sometimes I separate from what surrounds me and see myself - a glance at a dusty boot, a shoulder of black leather in the rearview mirror - and I realize, I am here! I am doing this! I'm in the middle of nowhere I've ever known, flying along four inches above the ground, and I laugh! And I feel like the luckiest person alive.


Anonymous said...

Flying along, 4 inches above the ground, seeing the real world..is not insanity but pure freedom. I have the same scooter and love it. I haven't taken it on a long road trip but it has just under 4,000 miles and was bought May 26th, 2005. I don't know how many people stop me and say they wish they could get one.

Kari said...

I hate to throw a cliche out there, but there's nothing else: you are an inspiration. What an amazing ride -- bless you for sharing.

a.maria said...

thanks for sharing this.. i've been reading your coyote blog for forever and just decided to read this one today...

gives me a little more courage for the next few months of my life as i plan to quit my job and head south and hope to find a place to live!

It's a God Thing said...

How insanely, wonderfully gggrrreeeaaaat!! This trip is so something I would have done four years ago. I know it without a doubt in my body. I wonder if I still have that kind of gumption left in me???

(I wonder if I can get away with not working for the rest of the day today.....)