My Route


Mel said...

You must have been right by my family's farms in Northwest Iowa - Hinton, Akron, Storm Lake, Siouz City.

Breath-taking photos, would love to know how you developed to vivify the colors. Or is that a PSP touch up?

Motivated to roam,

Les said...

Why is it that everyone traveling across country misses Lincoln, Nebraska? ;)

Just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have a MiniCooper and my husband has a Vulcan 900. I'm still a bit too scared to ride across country on the back of that, but I'm will to be lead car in the Mini.

Off to read more of your wonderful blog!

George said...

After traveling on short motorcycle trips - though I do love to ride, I really cannot imagine traveling that route on that mode of transportation. My current bike is a Honda VLX. And while suitable and enjoyable on the twisty country roads in this area of the country, it is underpowered for highway travel. I found this out painfully, but then I am older than you.

kerry said...

I'm in Lincoln, NE too...how funny...just got your blog sent to me by a friend and I love it too...and the coyote Charlie's blog....so great to get caught up in your story!