A Tiny Huge Distraction

Yet again, I've been away from this website for a month... beginning when a ten-day-old orphaned coyote baby came into my life and moved into my cabin with me. It is an experience filled with wonder, one that I've given every free moment to enjoy. Now that I've managed to find a balance between Real Life and lovin' up the coyote (he's sitting on my lap as I write this), I'm back.

New posts will start rollin' next week.


Edgar said...

Great looking pup! Makes you want to hug it.

But be careful, it will eventually become an adult coyote and I'm not so sure they can be fully domesticated...

Nice photo. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

I am an avid coyote hunter in upstate New York and would caution your intentions with Charlie. As cute and lovable as he is he will soon become an adult and with that comes many issues for and him. I would strongly suggest that you contact your local environmental office to investigate these issues. I am all for survival and you may do more harm than good for charlie.