Q & A: Tips For Distance Rides

A few simple things can save grief in the long run when you take off on a long haul - or even to the next town over...

Check tire pressure every morning. Invest in a quality tire pressure gauge - don’t trust your life with those cheapo stick gauges.

Consider a windshield. Depending on your location, how fast you like to ride, the time of year and average air temperature, a windshield can make for a more comfortable ride. I know this because I didn’t have one - in the Nevada desert, the incoming air was a cooling relief; in Montana, it was brutal, cold, and felt like I was getting punched in the chest for hours on end.

Know where to find help. Before I left, I used the online yellow pages to make a list of Vespa dealerships and motorcycle repair shops along my route with addresses and phone numbers.

Let go of your worries. Stressing the whole time about what might go wrong defeats the purpose of your trip. Be aware and be safe, then let go and enjoy.


Steve Williams said...

Good thoughts, especially the last one. Well all of them actually. I have resisted the windshield because I don't like the way they look but if I ever take the kind of long trips you do I will have to think hard about one.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

jim said...

old racers' adage as well...invest in the "quality" tire guage !
yes, there is a difference !

dgc said...

I have to agree with the windshield. Especially for those mid-western states where the gooey green blooded insects swarm in the evening.

I wish I had thought of making a list of mechanics, though I'm not sure I would have had the prescience to put the "Corner Repair & Auto" shop in Duchesne, Utah on my list. (which is where I had my shifting lever welded back together after an embarrassing incident involving a bee).

harold hollingsworth said...

great info, great blog!

Strayer said...

During my brief college encounter, I rode a motorcycle, because it was cheap to insure and fill up. And it was fun. It was an old Suzuki 250, top speed, with severe vibration--60 mph. But, I rode it home anyhow, from the bay area to southern Oregon, with no windshield, without a visor on my helmet. Messed up my face. Even rain left raised welts.