Where The Lessons Are

Adversity is a teenager with studded lips and lobes and a sullen expression. If you turn your back or say cruel things, it will glare at you in return and be none the worse off; it expected such behaviour, anyway. It comes to you on the defensive, but comes to you nonetheless. And if you are not intimidated or disapproving; if you are not judgmental of an exterior you may consider harsh, and instead, relate to it in respect, you’ll find a liveliness and a brilliance, a purity, a revelation, a gift.


jim said...

wow, cant relate to the piercing and studded part, but after having had fairly long hair in my teens and early 20s i heard and dealt with about every kind of nasty behavior there is, even from family. it ultimately made me a stronger person, alhough not so nice except to close freinds. that couldnt have been better said.

Anonymous said...


keep writing.

you remind me of a wild younger self, except you gave in to the dreams to roam, the yearning to be free.

instead of compromises for a paycheck, submitting the call of your spirit to the clock and authority, humiliations and boredom, you write of experiences and insights.

I am glad someone like you is out there.

I feel a little freer reading your words. There is a pure straightforward quality to your writing; reading a post can flow me into a little insight or feel like an experience in itself.

Stay free. Thank you for sharing.

Coyote said...

Heh. Thanks for seeing something other people often don't.

But then, that's what you do, isn't it?

renovatio said...

Geeez, I'm enjoying your writing like consciously sipping on expensive red wine, having been bottled for decades, in a deserted winery that only few know about. Your writing in itsself is an adventure, it fills my heart with reflections of the life I'm supposed to live, the moments of purity and joy, I was fortunate enough to have (though scarce, but then again, all the more significant).

Can't wait for the book... you ARE making this into a book, aren't you? Might pay for the rest of your life and more travels like this - what a find! Thanks for sharing!